“ Draping on Japanese textile ”

Hao is a Japanese brand of shawls established to make the best use of traditional and precious textiles being handed down in various places of Japan and for people to casually enjoy them by putting them on. Incidentally, our brand name is taken from the Japanese verb for 'putting on', which is hao-ru.

Hand-picked selections of traditional Japanese textiles, including Aizu-Momen, Yuki-Tsumugi, Ryukyu-Kasuri and Ryukyu-Bingata, are mead into compact and simple-designed shawls, making use of the width of the cloth roll. In order to send out the appeal of Japanese textiles not only domestically but also internationally, we offer not just high fashionability but also an alternative way to enjoy the beautiful textile by putting them in frames to make beautiful interior decoration.


Traditionally standard width for Japanese cloth rolls –approximately 38 cm– is fully utilized in making of our products, leaving little to no waste and thus highly environmentally friendly. The simple design of products that goes around the neck one time allows the user to enjoy the appeal of textile itself. Through introducing the appeal of Japanese textiles, we hope to pass on the time-honored traditional Japanese dye technique we have inherited.


At Hao, we are planning to publish stories related to textiles titled “Journey across textiles,” on both our leaflets and website. Feel free to pick one up when you find them, or come visit our website if it matches your interest.