“ Ryukyu Bingata ”

Shuri Okinawa

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Ryukyu Bingata is a type of dyed textile that has been handed down for generations in Okinawa.
Bingata dyeing is believed to originate in the 14th century, during the Ryukyu Kingdom period. It was produced as the clothing for the royalty and upper class, and as the trading goods.
Designs inspired by plants, landscapes and natural phenomena of the tropical land, as well as auspicious patterns that originate in China and Japan colorfully decorate the cloth. The repeated motifs give the impression as if the images are fluctuating: as if the painted flowers and butterflies are swaying in the wind, starting to move beyond their contour lines. It almost feels as if we are a part of the landscape.
If you are interested in the textle, please refer to the link below.JOURNAL link
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